Company business scope Business Adwaa Contracting.

The scope of our business is in business lights for totally new contracting projects. Existing projects in various sectors, for example but not limited to: the residential, commercial and health sector, as follows:
  • Design construction plans
  • interior design
  • 3D design
    Design of mechanical and electrical works, fire extinguishing works and
  • alarm systems
  • Engineering supervision
  • Adoption of schemes
  • schedules
  • Calculating quantities and calculating costs
  • Implementation of concrete works
  • Executing Steel works
  • Implementation of landscaping works
  • Implementation of mechanical systems (such as water, sewage, fire extinguishing, central air conditioning)
  • Implementation of electrical works (alarm systems, monitoring systems, low and medium current)
  • Residential interior finishes
  • Commercial and office interior finishes
  • Office and residential interior decorations